Tamar Zaig



Tamar Zaig is a Costume Designer based in West London and has a studio space at Great Western Studios.

Tamar was born in Kew and did her foundation course at Chelsea College of Art and Design. She graduated in Fine Art Sculpture at Maidstone College of Art. Tamar’s artistic background reflects in her work as she brings her talent to each project with flair, imagination, and a creative visual style.


She started out in the Film Industry at Spitting Image where she became experienced in working to extremely  tight schedules.

Since then she has gained years of experience  working on Films, Dramas and Adverts, progressing from being an Assistant to Supervisor to Assistant Costume Designer.

She has been the Costume Designer of  her own projects for the last few years, working for many leading production companies such as HLA, Patricia Murphy Films and Maverick Media.

This website displays visual reference to just some of the productions that Tamar has designed.

Most of the pictures are snap shots taken on set.

NB this photo taken from Homebase advert.