At the end of 2008 was Costume Designer for a Feature Film called The Sea Change. It has now been re named Island and is very close to being FINISHED after 4 years in production!

A fairy-tale thriller: part-myth, part-mystery. Produced by Tailormade Productions

Written and Co Directed by Elizabeth Mitchell with Brek Taylor.

DOP Rain Kathy Li. Starring  Colin Morgan, Nathalie Press and Janet McTeer.

Filming took place on The Isle of Mull.

The Foundling.

This July 2010 Tamar designed costumes for a 3D short film for Philips 3D TV. Directed by Barney Cokeliss at RSA.

The screening was on 14.12.10

A historical drama set in the 1940s circus, The Foundling was shot in collaboration with award-winning stereographers Vision3@Compendium featuring a team who also worked on 3D blockbuster, Avatar (2010).

A 2D version of The Foundling will also be presented exclusively to fans on Philips Cinema’s Facebook page, and will then be released on and on September 22nd. Exclusive footage of how the film was made, including interviews with the director and crew, will be released on Philips Cinema’s Facebook page. Above.

Tamar has also been very busy in the last few months doing Costumes for various adverts. See a few below..

Gillette for Production International

Pradaxa test  for Hogarth Worldwide


Nectar for Hogarth Worldwide